An explosive, high-energy boxing & strength workout designed for all levels.


10 rounds. 2 fists. ZERO experience necessary.





What is a Rumble Boxing Class like?
In a word, it’s electrifying. Ten Rounds. Two Fists. Zero Experience Necessary. We start with a group warm up and a shadow boxing session.

Then you’ll spend half of the 45 minute class pounding our special tear-drop style, water-filled bags and half of the class at your station doing strength and body-weight conditioning exercises. The music is jamming, the lights are sexy, and the vibe is 100% supportive.
I've never boxed before, will I be able to keep up?
Absolutely. Our workouts are beginner friendly and designed to allow everyone to Rumble at their own pace.

Five minutes before class, we’ll call First Timers into the studio for our “pre-class,” where we go over the six punches.
What if I can't do everything in class? I haven't worked out in a while.
Don’t sweat it. If you can move, you can Rumble.

Our trainers offer modifications for many of the exercises we do in class, so you’ll have options.
Is there a beginner class?
No, but all of our classes are suitable for beginners.

Rumble locations offer private coaching if you’d like to brush up with some one-on-one technique before you step into a class setting, but it’s certainly not a pre-req for taking the class.
Do I need to own my own gloves?
Nope. Gloves are available to hire or purchase at our front desk, but if you have a favorite pair that you’d like to bring, we totally understand.


Where are you located?
Visit our Studios page to find your closest Rumble studio.
Do you have water or should I bring my own?
We've got you covered. We have water available for purchase, and each studio will have a hydration station if you need to fill up! You may find FloWater stations at some of our locations, too.
Is there food available at Rumble?
No, but we can direct you to several places close by!


Do I need to create an account?
Yes. It’s very simple and should take you less than 1 minute.
Do I have to buy a package or a membership?
Nope, you can buy a single class if you're terrified of commitment. We offer a first time rate and different package and membership options to help you get next-level Rumble results.
Can I use one package for both Boxing and Training classes?
You bet. A single class or package option you purchase can be used at any Rumble Boxing or Rumble Training class of your choice*

*Limited to specific packages purchased and used within Rumble locations
How can I book classes online?
After you create an account, visit your home studio's schedule on the website or app to book!
How does the waitlist work?
Waitlisted clients are auto enrolled into class up if a spot becomes available. You will be notified with a push notification from the app or can check your class status in the Member Portal with a browser.

We can only hold the spot if we're able to reach you; otherwise, we will release it to the next client on the waitlist. That said, we always encourage waitlisted clients to come to the studio, as we are often able to get clients in on a walk-in basis.

Note: all other locations have a 2-hour waitlist time frame and you can be added into class up to 2 hours prior to class start!


When should I arrive?
We recommend arriving at the studio 15 minutes before class for check-in.
What do I do when I get there?
Say what’s up to whoever is at the front desk and mention that it is your first time. They’ll get you taken care of.
What if I’m running late?
To ensure that your spot is not released to the waitlist, please arrive at Rumble at least five minutes prior to the start of your class.
Something came up. Can I cancel?
If you need to cancel class, cancel your booking prior to the late cancel window to get the credit back in your account. If you do not show up for your reserved class, or if you attempt to cancel within the late cancellation window, you will be charged for that reservation. Late cancellation varies by location. Please refer to your booking confirmation email for details.


What should I wear?
Whatever is comfy and makes you feel fly.
What shoes should I wear?
Most clients wear traditional cross-training shoes suitable for cardio & strength training.


What are the benefits of boxing?
The best endorphin high of your life — but if we're talking physical benefits:

Fat Burning
Increased Metabolism
Increased Muscle Tone
Increased Cardiovascular Fitness
Improved Muscular Endurance
Improved Core Stability
Improved Strength and Power
Improved Hand-Eye Coordination
Stress Relief
Will boxing make me too muscular?
No. Boxing will build lean muscle mass and tone your entire body.

The combination of cardio and strength training will allow you to burn calories without bulking up. With an intense focus on improving core strength, you'll be ready to show off that six-pack sooner than you thought.
Is boxing good for you?
A Rumble class is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), strength training, (METCON) metabolic conditioning, and cardio all in one - making it an incredible total body workout.

You'll see improved balance and coordination, increased metabolism, and burn up to 13 calories per minute. Our Aqua training bags reduce the impact on your joints, and the teardrop shape increases trainer visibility so that you'll never feel lost during class. Our favorite part? The endorphins released during exercise mean that there's a good chance that you'll walk out feeling happier too.
Will I lose weight boxing?
Boxing has proven to be one of the most effective forms of exercise for losing weight.

The combination of burning calories and gaining muscle directly results in weight loss.
Why should I choose boxing?
Since no two classes are the same - we keep your body guessing, making it nearly impossible to hit a weight loss plateau, and even less likely for you to get bored.

The back and forth between aerobic and anaerobic exercise means you're training on an entirely new level. Even better, the boost in your metabolism ensures you'll be burning calories throughout class, and long after you leave.
Can I take class if I’m pregnant?
We’ve had clients train right up to D-Day, but that is a question better suited for you and your doctor.
What are wraps, do I really need them?
Yes. We require wraps on the training floor. Wraps help protect your hands and wrists while punching the bag.

We have slip-on wraps available to purchase.
Why do you offer quick wraps instead of traditional hand wraps?
In order to maximize your comfort and minimize your setup time, we offer quick wraps which only take seconds to slip on and secure to your wrist. They'll keep your knuckles pretty even if your punches are brutal. Yours to keep and machine washable, be sure to bring ‘em back for class #2.

If you’d prefer to use traditional hand wraps, that’s cool too. Here’s a video of how to wrap up like the pros.

Please note that due to time constraints, we don't wrap hands with traditional wraps on-site at Rumble.
What do I need for class?
Gloves (available for hire or you can bring your own), wraps (available for purchase & yours to keep!), and traditional cross-training shoes or running shoes to keep you light on your feet.

Wear something you feel comfortable moving in that you don’t mind getting drenched in sweat.

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